Trading Screen

Electronic Trading

  • globalORE offers an electronic trading platform, which market participants can access once they have become globalORE Market Members.

Standardised Trading

  • Participants must have a minimum of 3 reciprocal payment and credit arrangements with globalORE counterparties before they are able to post bid or offer prices on screen. All trades are backed by our standard contract (SIOTA).

Real-time Data

  • Once Market Members have downloaded the trading software, they instantly receive all transactional information (bids, offers, trades) realtime via the screen, email and SMS. They may also enter orders and transact numbers directly onscreen. All transactions executed via the globalORE platform are tracked, logged and communicated to the market in realtime. Unlike anecdotal data sets, market participants are not at liberty to choose which prices come into the public domain.

Front Office Support

  • Onscreen activity is supported by our Front Office team of Market Managers.

If you would like to become a Market Member, please contact our Front Office at