Founded in 2012 by global industry leaders from all side of the physical iron ore market including Baosteel, BHP Billiton, China Minmetals, Glencore, Hunan Valin, Rio Tinto and Vale, globalORE introduced the concept of electronic platform-based physical price discovery and trading to the global iron ore market.

As today’s iron ore market and traditional industrial business models continue to evolve in search of improved efficiency and productivity, globalORE remains very much at the forefront of and fully committed to supporting the physical iron ore trading community with the latest innovative solutions tailored to assist real world industrial buyers and sellers to navigate the challenges of doing business in the 21st century.

At the core of our product offering is an industry leading multilateral digital OTC marketplace, comprised, built around the needs of and connecting genuine industrial buyers and sellers of physical iron ore, backed and utilised by global industry leaders from all sides of the physical iron ore value chain.

For members of the iron ore trading community who aren’t active in the physical spot market every day, all of the prices quoted via our marketplace represent firm executable bids and offers for internationally recognised physical brands, qualities and origins.All transactions are final and binding from the moment executed on-screen, reflecting actual real-time prices paid by genuine industrial buyers and sellers in the real economy.

For further details, or to enquire about becoming a trading community member or pricing data subscriber, please contact